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How to locate birth, marriage and death certificates in Saskatchewan, Canada

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Valentine's and spring, thoughts of love come forth. Love and courtship and June marriage.

When delving into ancestry, start with what is known, and work toward the unknown. Begin with immediate family, parents, aunts and uncles, and grandparents. Work continually backward seeking names, dates of birth, marriage and death, and the places these major events occured.

The Ministry of Health embarked on a project to celebrate the province of Saskatchewan's 100th anniversary. Vital Statistics, a branch of the ministry holds the documents of birth, marriage and death for residents in the province. The Information Services Corporation (ICS) Corporation has documented historical births, marriages and deaths in a searchable index online.

Entering the ICS main page, observe the link for Vital Statistics in the menu, and select genealogy from the Vital Statistics menu. As 2012 unfolds, the online searchable index contains births registered over 100 years hence, and deaths which were registered over 70 years ago. Marriages which were registered with Vital Statistics over 75 years ago will be transcribed and also added to the searchable index.

This programme will greatly benefit genealogists who have historical roots in Saskatchewan. ICS has eight locations across the province allowing family historians to follow up on obtaining genealogical certificates.

More information:

Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates in Saskatchewan

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